Coffroth Lab1

Dr. Mary Alice Coffroth’s Lab

Louie Buccella, MS Student
Project title: Symbiont Composition and Density Change Within Three Octocoral Species of the Florida Keys Across a Bleaching Event
Matthew Fowler, MS Student
Project title: Temperature Selection within Symbiodinium from the Octocoral Antillogorgia, With Measures of Genotypic Variation and Growth
Kaitlin Sullivan, MS Student
Project title: Host-Symbiont Coevolution in the family Gorgoniidae
DJ Valint, Research Technician
M.S. University at Buffalo

Former Lab Members


Dr. Anke Klueter
Dr. Maria Gabriella de Oliveira Jackson (Gabi)

Graduate Students

Jonathan Sessler, MS
DJ Valint, MS
Noel Leigh, MS
Rachel Mellas, MS
Hui (Ann) Liu, MS
Jillian Mansfield, MS
Daniel Poland, PhD
Tim Hsieh, MS
Jennie Holmberg, MS
Nathan Kirk, MS
Cynthia Lewis, MS
Andrew Hannes, MS
Meredith Dorner, MS
Tonya (Snell) Shearer, PhD
Scott Santos, PhD
Tamar L. Goulet, PhD