Dr. Howard Lasker

Director, Graduate Program in Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior

Professor, Department of Geology

Adjunct Professor, Department of Biological Sciences


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Department of Geology
126 Cooke Hall
University at Buffalo
Buffalo,NY 14260-3050

Phone: 716 645-4870

Fax: 716 645-3999

Email: hlasker@buffalo.edu

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443 Hochstetter Hall

Laboratory (shipping address):
474 Hochstetter Hall
University at Buffalo-North Campus
Buffalo,NY 14260-3050


I am interested in the ecology of coral reef organisms particularly the population ecology of octocorals(soft corals and gorgonians). My students and I have conducted studies ranging from the feeding ecology of butterfly fish to the evolution and systematics of corals, and we use techniques that range from scuba based observations to DNA sequencing . Much of my current research employs a combination of field experiments and molecular studies to examine the reproduction and recruitment of octocorals on Caribbean reefs.